ARTiculations Adult Summer Workshop Series

Join us for a summer of creativity with our single-session, 3-hour adult art classes! Perfect for all experience levels—beginners welcome!

Sign up for each class individually to suit your interests and schedule, and enjoy discounts for multiple registrations: sign up for 2 classes and receive 10% off, sign up for 3 and receive 15% off, or sign up for 4 or more and receive 20% off!

If you sign-up for two classes - enter SummerSeries10 as the discount code at check-out. If you sign-up for three classes - enter SummerSeries15 as the discount code at check-out. If you sign-up for four or more classes - enter SummerSeries20 as the discount code at check-out.

Materials and nut-free snacks are included.  *Please let us know if you have any food allergies!

This class series is intended for independent adults. Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome.

Experience a mix-and-match creative summer "camp" designed to fit your schedule and help you make the most of your summer. 

Class Descriptions

Nature & Travel Sketching | Tuesday, July 16 1-4pm
Capture the beauty of nature and your travel memories in this hands-on sketching class. Learn techniques for quick, expressive sketches that convey the essence of your surroundings.
With Heather Phillips

DIY Ceramic Clay Paint Palettes | TBD
In this workshop, participants will create their own one-of-a-kind desktop palette and paintbrush stand. Whether you want a travel palette or something more beautiful to use in your home studio, working with clay allows you to make the palette of your dreams!


- Clay to craft your palette (we'll be working with white stoneware)

- Tools to sculpt

- Decorative tools to personalise and sign your palette

- All firings (bisque + glaze firings)

At the end of your class your palettes will be left to dry slowly and gently to avoid warping and they'll then go through two 12 hour firings in the kiln. You can expect your pieces in roughly 5 weeks.
With Anna Tierney

July Urban Outdoor Sketching | Saturday, July 20 10am-1pm
Sketching is Fine with Continuous Lines

This workshop is about sketching directly with ink without lifting your pen from the paper. It is a fun drawing practice that challenges hand and eye coordination where a wonky drawing is acceptable. We will fill our accordion pages by sketching the rows of wonderful shops at the Junction.
With Isabel Santos

Make Your Mark: Drawing & Painting with Inventive Tools | Tuesday, July 23 6:30-9:30pm
Unleash your creativity by drawing and painting with unconventional tools. Experiment with unique mark-making techniques that add new dimensions to your artwork.
With Loree Ovens

Gouache Food Portraits | Thursday, July 25 6:30-9:30pm
Celebrate your favourite foods by painting vibrant gouache portraits. Learn how to use this versatile medium to create rich, detailed images that pop off the page.
With Megan Bray

Summer Florals in Ink & Watercolour | Tuesday, July 30 1-4pm 
Capture the essence of summer blooms in this ink and watercolor class. Combine delicate ink lines with flowing watercolour washes to create beautiful floral compositions.
With Heather Phillips

Collage It! | Thursday, August 1 10-1pm 
Dive into the art of collage in this creative workshop. Explore different techniques and materials to create layered, textured pieces that tell a story.
With Loree Ovens

Summer Still Life Painting | Tuesday August 13, 6:30-9:30pm
Develop your still life painting skills with a summer twist. Work with a variety of seasonal objects and materials to create vibrant, dynamic compositions.
With Emily Joyce

Paper Dolls | Thursday August 15, 6:30-9:30pm
Spend an evening revisiting the imagination and creativity of paper dolls by crafting your own. This workshop will guide you through creating a whimsical sunflower doll using pencils, paper, paints, and a template that you can use to design your own variations. Erin will also step you through how to make simple clothing items using paper and fabric to add a little character to your dolls. 
With Erin MacKeen

August Urban Outdoor Sketching | Saturday August 17, 10-4pm 
Sketching BIG on Small

We enjoy carrying small sketchbooks because they are convenient to carry and fill up. However, there are times when you come across a large subject and feel the need for more space to sketch. In this workshop, Isabel will demonstrate techniques for sketching a large subject in a small sketchbook. This exercise focuses on maximizing space with a touch of imagination and creativity.
With Isabel Santos

This class series is intended for independent adults. Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome.

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