Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Lecture & Demo with Jeff Olson - Thursday September 29, 2022 | 6:30 to 7:30pm (Free)

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We are very pleased to welcome Jeff Olson, Art Education Director for Royal Talens North America to our studio to share the history, working properties & techniques for these marvelous paints. Seating is limited - Please register to reserve your spot!
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Demo Description

Many artists are at a loss when it comes to using acrylic metallic and interference colours effectively. By combining Amsterdam® Standard Acrylic colours with Amsterdam® Pearl & Metallic Specialty Acrylic colours on a toned canvas, you can achieve a variety of marvelous outcomes. Join Jeff Olson, Art Education Director for Royal Talens North America, as he shares some of the history, working properties and techniques for these marvelous paints. 

Olson Bio 

Jeff holds a BA and MFA in painting and drawing and has been a working artist exhibiting for more than thirty years. He has more than a decade of college and university teaching experience in studio art, and more than twenty years in the art material industry with product expertise in a variety of mediums including acrylics. Olson’s lectures deliver meaningful insights into the history, development, and application of artists’ materials.

About Royal Talens

The mission of Royal Talens, founded in 1899, is to facilitate and stimulate creative expression in painting and drawing. They market inspiring and innovative top-quality products including Amsterdam All Acrylics. Talens’ Art Education mission is to provide resources for artists and instructors that engage, inform and inspire artistic experimentation and expression.

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