Caran D’ache Pencil Sharpening Machine

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A beautiful Swiss-made Caran d'Ache Metal Pencil Sharpening Machine that can be passed down through generations. Mount it to your desk, table or bookcase using the supplied clamp.
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The Caran d'Ache pencil sharpening machine is a Swiss-made tool that boasts exceptional functional quality and design. Built of solid metal, this machine sits firm on your tabletop or desk, compact and anchored. The butterfly clamps on the face of the machine open the holding mechanism, accepting your writing utensil through a narrow vessel. The aperture is adjustable in size, securing both pencils and wax pastels measuring between 4-10 mm in diameter.

The rotating handle at the back of the machine sharpens your writing instrument, and an opening drawer at its side holds your shavings, allowing you to dispose of waste and keep your machine in good order. Set this high-quality vintage treasure on your desktop and delight in the organic process of sharpening your cherished writing tools.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Caran d'Ache has been refining the craft of pen-making for years. The company was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1915, by Arnold Schweitzer, and named after Emmanuel Poiré, a famous French illustrator, who went by the pseudonym Caran d'Ache. Harvesting natural materials from the mountains of Switzerland, Caran d'Ache started as a small pencil factory.

Over the years, the company gained widespread acclaim for its unparalleled technical quality and craftsmanship in writing instruments, upholding the same high-quality standards as the Swiss watchmaking and jewelry industries that grew alongside it. Today, the tradition of excellence lives on, with each product subjected to strict quality control and environmentally responsible processing.

Developed in Switzerland
Suitable for pencils 4-10 mm in diameter