Holbein Acrylic Gouache Full set of 102 colours 20ml Tubes

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Holbein Acryla Gouache behaves like traditional Gum Arabic gouache, but because it is made with an acrylic resin binder, it is water resistant once dry. It dries with minimal colour-shift; what you see wet is what you get once the paint has dried.

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Holbein Acrylic Gouache Full Set of 102 colours

Holbein Acrylic Gouache is a fast-drying, opaque acrylic based watercolour paint, water soluble while wet and water-resistant when dry. Although it moves, reacts, blends and feels like traditional gum arabic gouache, Holbein Acrylic Gouache does not have the same fragile surface as traditional gouache because the acrylic paint film is more flexible.. The dried finish is matte and opaque, even over dark surfaces. It can be mixed with other acrylic or traditional gouaches, as well as with watercolours. An ideal medium for fine artists, graphic designers, hobbyists, and bird carvers as well.

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