Natural Pigments Basic Paint Making Kit

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Natural Pigments Basic Paint Making Kit: Here are all the tools you need and a sample set of six natural mineral and earth pigments to begin grinding and dispersing pigments in your favourite paint medium.

The Natural Pigments Basic Paint-Making Kit is intended for artists who want to expand their painting horizons, but have little or no experience making their own paints. The kit comes with all the materials that you need to get started, including instructions, glass muller, grinding surface and six traditional pigments in dry powder form to start making your own paint.

It is designed for artists who wish to make small amounts of paint in any medium. You will find it useful for making paint on the spot, as you need them. Unlike larger grinding tools, the small size of these tools allows for easy carefree cleanup between use. It's also a great educational tool for instructors to demonstrate how artists' paint was made prior to the nineteenth century.

It is an excellent introduction to paint making, which can open the door to a new range of possibilities in different mediums, pigments and paint recipes.

The kit includes the following items:

Kit Contents
Item Quantity Description
1 each Introductory Pigment Sampler
Samples of six natural mineral and earth pigments are included in this kit to introduce you to Rublev pigments. The kit includes 1 oz. (29.5 cc) each of Red Ocher, Yellow Ocher, Green Earth, Raw Umber, Vine Black, and Titanium White—all packaged in individual plastic jars. These pigments represent a basic set of hues used in historical painting before the nineteenth century.
1 each Small glass muller, 5 cm (2 in.) diameter base
1 each Grinding plate, 254 x 254 x 63 mm (10 x 10 x 0.25 inch) tempered glass
Note: This glass is not sandblasted or roughened and must be prepared before use by grinding with silicon carbide.
1 each Spatula, stainless steel metal with wood handle
1 each Silicon carbide, 100 grit, net vol. 1 oz. (29 cc) jar
1 each Dispenser bottle, 4 fl oz. capacity
6 each Collapsible metal tubes and caps, 15 ml capacity
1 each Making Your Own Water-Solved Paint—This 12-page document contains instructions for preparing the grinding surface, making your own watercolor paint and storing paint in collapsible tubes.
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