Open Call 10 Years | Make Art Every Day

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Create a one of a kind postcard (SM-LT card supplied) with our mantra Make Art Every Day featured. Use discount code "SNAIL MAIL" for free domestic shipping. More details below!
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We invite you to join ARTiculations' newest Open Call!

10 Years | Make Art Every Day Open Call

In Celebration of ARTiculations' 10th Birthday!

10 years have passed but the sentiment hasn't changed.
Make Art Every Day remains our daily affirmation. 
We made it our business card and you made art - big art, little art, messy art - all kinds of art.
Now we would like to call on you to create a one of a kind postcard of this affirmation for our exhibit celebrating you, us and Make Art Every Day.

  • Registration Fee: $15 includes SM-LT Card. Only one entry/card per person.
  • Unless listed as NFS, all work is priced at $45 with 100% going to the artist.
  • Work must be completed on the 4x5.5" SM-LT Coloured Drawing card provided and must not exceed the edge of the card. Colour options are Dark Denim, Dark Fuschia, Grass Green, Pumpkin Orange or Purple and are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Cards must contain the words Make Art Every Day.
  • One card will be selected by a jury to become ARTiculations' new printed info card and the winner will receive $150 plus $100 store credit.
  • Free domestic shipping (Use discount code: SNAIL MAIL) or curbside pick-up.

Call announcement October 7
Card Pick Up October 8 - November 3
Submission Deadline November 4 - 9 
Exhibition November 12 - December 7
Jury Selection November 11
Pick Up of Unsold Work December 8 - 11

About the SM-LT Coloured Drawing Cards

We love these Coloured Drawing #haikucards by SM-LT Art. They are made of thick (630gsm/425 lb) coloured card and have a nice rounded corners. Although they are officially a drawing card, because they are so nice and thick, we have seen all sorts of media used on them with the right steps to prepare the surface!

FAQ's about material choices suitable for the card

  • What about dry media? Great! No surface prep needed. Coloured pencil, chalk pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, conte, graphite all do well.
  • What about paint markers? Lots. of. fun.
  • What about fineliners/markers? We recommend doing a test on the back - fineliners and markers have personalities of their own :) If you find your tool of choice is bleeding/feathering in a way you don't like, consider sealing the section or incorporate through collage.
  • What about painting with acrylic, acrylic gouache or oil? Seal the surface first (or only the area that you want to paint) - we carry clear and coloured gesso as well as gel mediums that are useful for this.
  • What about watercolour or traditional gouache? The more opaque the better and these are thirsty cards, so consider doing a test and/or putting a watercolour ground down first -or- incorporating as a collage element so you are able to use the foundation colour of the card. Metallic/Iridescent watercolours are lots of fun!

These are just a few tips from us but as always test test test when you are working with a new paper or medium!