Melanie Hazel Pencil Roll 14"

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This case was designed with you or your artist friend in mind. With several compartments to store and organize your pencils, it has an inner flap, a long leather tie and is made of quality leather that will age and blemish naturally for years to come.

A great companion for the traveling artist, for outings to the park... or on a nature walk. (An item Melanie grabs and takes with her on most adventures... even spur-of-the moment ones.) This is a smaller version of the ink pen roll - two favourites of the designer - Melanie Hazel. The elegant movements of wrapping and storing your precious pencils (or your budding collection of art pens) will inspire you to make art everyday.

14” X 7.75”

Melanie Hazel has been drafting theatrical patterns and building costumes for 20 years. From Romeo and Juliet to Jesus Christ Superstar at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and from Lion King to Lord of the Rings in Toronto, Melanie loves being a part of bringing a story to life. In-between theatre contracts she works freelance; building dance costumes for competitive dancers. Melanie’s passion for creativity doesn’t stop there, in June 2021, she launched her first self-published children’s book, which she wrote and illustrated - ‘Charlene Stiletto And Her Search for a Fabulous Pair of Shoes’

Having now collaborated with her sister Heather, Creative Navigator, Owner, of ARTiculations, Melanie has designed beautiful leather, denim and waxed canvas items bringing quality, Canadian made art tools to artisans.

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