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If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts you would like to share, we want to hear from you. Providing you with customer service that ensures we are listening and giving you information that informs is an integral part of ARTiculations. If we do not know something we will let you know, and then we will learn together to get you the information you need. Or, if we do not carry the product or brand you are searching for, we will let you know and either suggest doing a special order or refer you to someone who can help - whichever makes the most sense.

Whether shopping on-line or in person, visiting our gallery or participating in one of our courses or community programs, your experience and satisfaction is our main goal. That and getting you engaged in creativity.

You can always Email Us.

You can also call the shop during our open hours at 416-901-7464

For our store hours and holiday closures please see our Location and Hours page.

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ARTiculations Art Supply
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