Accessibility & Inclusion

ARTiculations is an inclusive space that is welcoming of everyone.  We strive to maintain an environment that is equitable, accessible, and anti-oppressive. We recognize and acknowledge that this is an imperfect and iterative process that requires constant work. To that end, we are committed to fostering a climate of understanding in which all persons are treated with dignity and respect, with the goal of improving equality and accessibility and inclusion for every one. 


Our front entry
Our entry is 36" wide, manual door with a 4" step up and portable ramp installed during business hours. When clients visit us in motorized scooters or chairs, we can assist at the front door.
Are there other barriers like bumps or ridges in the doorways? 
There is a 4" step at the threshold across the front door. We put out a portable ramp during business hours.
Is there enough room to turn around within aisles? 
There are no aisles and enough room to turn a standard wheelchair or walker around within the space.
Do you have protective gear that supports lip reading?
All staff have masks with a clear plastic centre to support lip reading for the deaf and hard of hearing community. We can also provide pen and paper to write down requests.
We want your visit to ARTiculations to be the art store/candy store experience that it should be. Let us know if there are other ways we can support you during your visit.