Rublev Traditional Silverpoint Ground - Starter Kit

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Silverpoint Starter Kit includes one Silverpoint Dual Stylus, Silverpoint and Sterling silverpoint.

Silverpoint Starter Kit includes one Silverpoint Dual Stylus, Silverpoint, Sterling silverpoint. Follow the web link on the kit package for the tutorial “Starting to Draw with Silverpoint”.

The kit includes the following items:

Silverpoint Starter Kit Contents
Silverpoint Dual Stylus 1 Silverpoint Dual Stylus (holds both thin and wide silverpoints)
Sterling Silverpoint (Wide, Dead-soft) 1 each Sterling Silverpoint (Wide, Dead-soft) (showing both ends of the silverpoint in the picture at left)
Sterling Silverpoint (Thin, Dead-soft) 1 each Silverpoint (Thin, Dead-soft)
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