Artefex 538 Linen - Extra-Fine - Oil Primed (210 cm or 82.5 in wide). Cost is per 1 Yard

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This is a 210 cm (82.7 in) wide roll of 100% linen canvas primed with five coats of titanium white oil primer with an Extra Fine finish. Price here is by the yard. Standard shipping rates to not apply. Please contact us to enquire about shipping charges.
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Artefex linen is primed with a pure linseed oil binder and titanium dioxide. This type of primer does not absorb water readily and is only suitable for oil, oil-resin and oil-alkyd paint. Oil priming requires a more complex process than universal priming and needs the utmost care and attention to produce a quality surface for painting. Two coats of animal collagen glue are first applied to the canvas, followed by two to five coats of oil priming (up to 7 total coats) are applied. The canvas is then dried in low temperature ovens where the temperature and humidity are maintained at constant levels to achieve an optimal final result. The brightness and tone of oil colours are brought out by this special kind of preparation. The brushstroke is both fluent and well defined.

Standard shipping rates to not apply. Please contact us to enquire about shipping charges.

About the Pigments Used in Artefex Oil Primed Canvas: All major canvas manufacturers use zinc oxide in their oil priming because of the brightness and hardness it provides. Artefex oil-primed canvas is no exception and is made with titanium dioxide and a small amount of zinc oxide. In Artefex literature and website the primary pigment component of the oil priming, which is titanium dioxide, is identified, but in accordance with our policy of full disclosure, they also identify the minor pigmentary components of the oil priming: calcium carbonate and zinc oxide. It is an unfortunate situation in the industry that zinc oxide is universally used in the oil priming of commercially-prepared canvases, although it is known that zinc oxide causes embrittlement of oil paint film. However, artists materials manufacturers believe that small amounts of zinc oxide does not cause embrittlement and is not otherwise deleterious to oil paint film. This controversy will not be resolved any time soon since there are no studies to definitely show whether either side of the controversy is correct. In the meanwhile, they believe the safest precaution is to adhere canvas containing oil priming with zinc oxide to a rigid support, such as an ACM panel, which is not affected by changes in relative humidity where potential embrittlement would be a problem.
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