13th Annual Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge | Exhibition April 8 - June 2, 2024

13th Annual ARTiculations Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge Exhibition
April 9 - June 2, 2024  

In March, we hosted our 13th annual Fill’er Up Sketchbook Challenge; Fill up an old sketchbook or start a new one by doing one creative thing a day in your book for the entire month.

100+ artists accepted that challenge and have shared their sketchbooks with us. Come see the show on now until June 2, 2024


Aida Stinson

Aidan Moynagh-Lynch

Alena Varta

Alina Todd-Quesnelle

Angela Greenwell

Anna King

Anna Redish

April Andrews

Arthur Showman

Asher Thomson

Audrey Lake

Azra Rashid

Cari Shim

Carolyn Eady

Chris Barber

Claudia Arianna

Claudia Haase

Colleen Zimmerman

Criz Xtacey

Crystal Byrne

Darya Rakitine

David Liss

Edgar Allin

Edith High

Elena Zaritovskaya

Erin MacKeen

Fletcher Hayes



Fletcher Kanas

George Hume

Heather Phillips

Heather Stewart

Janette MacNaughtan

Jasmine Krlin Quesnelle

Jaycee Dela Cruz

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Daniels

Jenny Restrup

Johanna Masko

Joyce (rurupoi) Hui

Juli Daoust

Kanav Sharma

Kay Compagnoni

Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Leah Stinson

Lee Anne McGaughey

Lilah Hill

Lorna Roberts

Mackenzie Hayes

Marcia Bunston

Margaret May

Maria Alekseeva

Marian Speelman

Marici Dillon

Marie Boal

Matt Cassan

Megan Bray

Melissa Mather

Michael Kurtis-Pomeroy

Mirta Ormazabal

Nika Rakitine

Oksana Grygorieva

Oxana Sannikova

Pam McBurney

Pree Rehal

Raspberry Yow-Fairs

Rejean Quesnelle

Rex Tang

Sam Braithwaite

Sarah Aranha

Scarlett Moynagh-McCrea

Shannon Moynagh

Shawna Micks

Sonya Allin

Sonya Young

Steph Brennan

Stephanie Ledger

Suzan Mazur

Valerie Busch

Vivian Peachey

Wanda Foulds

Wandy Cheng


Can't make it in? Join us for a tour of our 13th annual Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge Exhibition Live on Instagram every Wednesday at noon until May 29th, 2024.

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This space serves as a venue for various activities such as workshops, classes, exhibitions, and lecture demonstrations. While the exhibition is accessible for viewing during our open hours, please be aware that at certain times, there may be ongoing programming taking place in the space as well.

If you'd prefer to enjoy the exhibition without any scheduled programming overlapping, we recommend calling ahead at 416-901-7464 to plan your visit accordingly.