2022 Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge Exhibition

11th Annual  
ARTiculations Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge Exhibition
April 9 - June 7, 2022    

In March, we hosted our 11th annual Fill’er Up Sketchbook Challenge; Fill up an old sketchbook or start a new one by doing one creative thing a day in your book for the entire month.

These artists accepted that challenge and have shared their sketchbooks with us. Come see the show on now until June 7, 2022

Can't make it in?

Join us for our Instagram Live Art Lunch Breaks each Wednesday of the exhibition at 12:30pm to flip through all the sketchbooks together!


Anna Redish      

Heather Phillips  

Jessi Johnson  

Marie Boal  

Rowan Goodfellow   

Cari Shim    

David Liss    

Kate Hubbs    

Lorna Roberts

Peace Johnson    

Taif Zuhair    

Chris Barber    

Eric Allin    

Kay Compagnoni    
@zoenkay & @zoenkayart

MacKenzie Hayes

Raspberry Yow-Fairs    

Tanya Hendsbee

Claudia Arianna    

Gwen Tooth

Kenneth Gibson    

Mandy Croning

Ronwen Guest    

Vivian Peachey

Colleen Zimmerman    

Janette MacNaughtan    

Laura Kendall

Marian P

Shannon Moynagh    

Claudia Haase    

Criz Xtacey    

Jennifer Anderson    

Lauren McKinley Renzetti    

Mary Lyons

Sonya Dunkley

Sue Robinson    

Cynthia Van Leenwen    

Julianne Ess    

Leah Stinson    

Maureen DaSilva    

Stephanie Ledger Van Logchen

John Lynch    

Daniella Johnson

Kandice Doucette    

Leni Yow-Fairs

Megan Bray    

N.H. Egan    

Suzanna Jones

Arthur Showman