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Handmade in Germany, the Casaneo Travel Brush may look like natural hair squirrel brushes but they are actually made from extra-smooth, slightly-wavy, synthetic fibres. Da Vinci Casaneo brushes are known for their suppleness and colour absorbing capacity.

The da Vinci pocket travel brush is perfect tool for your next adventure. The handle unscrews and caps over the brush to protect the hair making it compact and easy to stuff in a pocket or pouch. The two parts of the handle also screwed together to build a well balanced full size brush that is both durable and comfortable to hold. The brush itself is made of the lately developed wavy CASANEO fibre composition. Each beautiful water colour brush is carefully shaped by hand into a perfect brush body and a very fine tip.

CASANEO travel brushes (series 1593TP) are known for their suppleness and colour absorbing capacity. These brushes have been designed for watercolour and inks but also work well for fluid acrylic and silk painting.

For the love of animals…while the Casaneo brushes may look as beautiful as natural hair squirrel brushes they are actually manufactured from extra-smooth, slightly-wavy, synthetic fibres. They closely mimic the style and effect of similar brushes made from natural squirrel hair. Kazan squirrel hair has been getting more and more difficult to purchase during the last years. Therefore da Vinci decided to develop a synthetic fibre allowing equally smooth and elastic brush strokes as well as a precise painting technique. The brushes have been rigorously tested by professional watercolour artists and received rave reviews. 

Handmade in Germany

CASANEO assortment is an alternative option for painters who prefer a vegan life style and are concerned when using natural hair brushes.

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