Etchr Gouache Brush - Set of 8

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This set includes 8 synthetic gouache brushes: 3 round brushes, 3 flat brushes, 1 rigger brush and 1 angle brush. The brushes come in an Etchr roll-up pouch.
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This set includes 8 synthetic brushes. Three round brushes size 2, 4, 12; three flat brushes, sizes 2, 4, 12; one rigger brush, size 2; and one angle brush, size 6.

What makes these brushes perfect for gouache?

The diameter of each of the synthetic hair is 0.06mm - thinner than Etchr’s watercolour brush set. Thin hairs are softer and allow for more water absorption, which is perfect for paints like gouache. Also, the kind of hair used in these brushes is different from the one used for their watercolour set.

Are these brushes good for anything else other than gouache?

Although perfect for gouache, these brushes are great for any water-based paints such as watercolours, or acrylics.

What are the synthetic fibres made of?

Etchr’s brushes use polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) - considered one of the best and most durable materials in the world. The diameter of each hair is 0.06mm.

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