Etchr Lab Mini Palette: 19 Wells

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A travel-sized watercolourist's companion to carry and store your favourite 19 colours in one tiny porcelain kit.
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How many pieces does the Mini Palette have?

The Mini Palette is composed of one colour wheel, one mixer (both made of porcelain) and one 200g cold press colour chart for you to swatch your chosen colours. All of this comes inside a small steel tin, separated by cotton disks to keep everything neatly organized and separated.

Does the Mini Palette come with paints?

The Mini Palette colour wheel comes empty and ready for you to customize with your own selection of watercolours or gouache!

How many colours can it hold?

The Mini Palette colour wheel has 19 wells that can be filled with any colours you like!

How deep are the wells? Can they take enough paint if I'm going on a trip?

It really depends on how much paint you use. Each well has a depth of 6mm. Yes, the Mini Palette is indeed mini, but if you fill up each well, the paint should last you for a considerate amount of time (the smaller wells in the 37 well Mini Palette last Stephanie Law, the designer of the palettes months, so this one lasts even longer!).

What is the size and weight of the Mini Palette?

Each porcelain disk is 0.9cm (~0.3in) high and 7.5cm (3in) wide. The metal tin 2.5cm (~1in) high and 8.5cm (3.3in) wide. With the empty porcelain disks inside, the tin weighs 230g (0.5 lbs). Each porcelain disk weighs 100g (0.2 lbs) and the tin weighs 50g (0.1 lbs).

What if I want more colour charts?

No problem at all! You can download more colour charts right here and print them at home!

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