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These finest vegan watercolours from Schmincke are the natural fusion of watercolour and gouache. This line has a palette of 16 matte and mostly semi-/transparent colours made exclusively from natural earth and plant based pigments and extracts.

HORADAM Naturals is a high-quality, environmentally friendly, and vegan watercolour. With a palette of 16 mat and mostly semi-/transparent colours it offers an unique combination of watercolour and gouache properties allowing creativity in its purest form. For even more colour variety, the Naturals colours can be mixed and combined with all water- and gouache colours.

Natural, precious pigments 

The outstanding feature of HORADAM Naturals is the use of exclusively natural earth and plant based pigments and extracts. The genuine juice of the indigofera plant or the resin of the dragon's blood tree enables plant-based colours. The use of exceptional earth pigments leads to precious colours like Lalvarit violet or Caucasus earth. All pigments used were carefully selected. The lightfastness of each pigment corresponds to the natural characteristics of the pigments. 

100% vegan and naturally formulated

The aspiration for a vegan and naturally formulated watercolour leads to properties that distinguish this colour from a pure watercolour or gouache. It therefore takes a certain amount of familiarisation and understanding of the characteristics that distinguish these colours: 

The natural pigments are sometimes slightly coarser in texture, which - unlike gouache - results in a rougher, usually slightly granular surface effect.

The consistency of the colours is a little tougher, so that the colours do not flow as easily as with watercolours. This makes the colour more controllable, comparable to a gouache.

Some colours, such as Curcuma and Stil de Grain, have a wide range of colours due to their high glazing properties. While Curcuma enables yellow to orange colour strokes, Stil de Grain has a yellow-green to greenish-brown colour. This characteristic is very similar to a watercolour.

The delicate fragrance of individual colour tones is created by the ingredients of natural origin. Due to their use, there may also be slight colour variations in some shades within different batches. This is not a quality defect. Anyone who makes use of these properties will quickly learn to appreciate the special nature of Naturals colour shades.

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