Katazome-shi 187W 60g 24x19”

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Beautiful handmade paper based on traditional kimono printing techniques & patterns, great for covering books & boxes, lampshades, collage, chine-collé.
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"Katazome-shi" literally means stencil-dyed (katazome) papers (-shi). The patterns are hand-stencilled using traditional persimmon-dyed 'katagami' stencil paper, then printed with resist paste & pigments using soy bean juice binder.

  • Handmade in Kyoto from kozo sulphite mix, unsized.

These sheets are one half of a full sheet at 24"x19". A full sheet is available on custom order. For the full sheet the pattern area is at least 24 x 36" and an unprinted border and 4 deckle edges.

*Will be rolled for shipping. For shipping, please order a minimum of 5 sheets. It is easier to package to prevent damage.

Single sheets may be purchased in store.

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