Liquid Earth - Chalk, Umber, Sanguine - 3x5ml

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Three Liquid Earth tubes formulated from natural pigments mined regionally in Germany. A fantastic liquid addition or alternative to traditional drawing materials, such as pencils or carré sticks in colours: Chalk, Sanguine, and Umber.
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Ideal for large formats and different surface effects 

Due to their larger quantity of colour, liquid charcoals and earths allow for the quick processing of large areas. They contain high-quality gum arabic as a binder, like traditional artists’ watercolours (gouaches, watercolours, etc.) and have a gouache-like consistency. Various nuances, textures and layer thicknesses can be achieved by diluting with water. Depending on the substrate and layer thickness, the colours remain manually smearable and can be easily removed with water. 

For underpaintings 

Liquid charcoals are particularly suitable as a thin underpainting (e.g., in oil painting), as the good adhesion of the bound pigments leads to less contamination of subsequent colours compared to conventional charcoal underpaintings. 

Application tips 

The liquid charcoals and earths can also be easily combined with charcoal or chalk/sanguine/umber pencils. The possibility of smudging and removal depends on the nature of the substrate. The smoother and firmer the surface, the easier it is to change the colour. It is recommended to conduct tests beforehand. All 6 colours are available as individual tubes and sets of 3. Please note that due to the nature of the products as pigments, minimal colour variations may occur between different batches.

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