Richeson Best Urania's Desk

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This desk is available through Pre-Order only. Get 15% off during our Pre-Order Sale from October 6th to 24th, 2023. Contact us via email to order at [email protected] or phone us at 416-901-7464. We do not ship this item - for pick-up only.

Originally designed for world-famous pastelist Urania Christy Tarbet, this desk from Richeson is the answer for the pastel painter who seeks convenience and organization. What looks like an unobtrusive hutch or TV console when not in use, blooms like a lotus into a variety of pastel storage trays and much-needed workspace and storage area? Designed for the pastelist, but perfect for the oil painter or watercolorist as well.

  • Closed: Height: 32-1/2"; Depth: 23"; Width: 36"
  • Includes attached easel
  • Features 26" × 18" × 1-1/2" pivoting drawers hold a variety of pastel sticks or paint tubes
  • Doors open to support the weight of swinging drawers
  • 2 large stainless steel canisters are included with space available for an additional 2 canisters
  • The easel is mounted to the back of the desk and will slide out-of-sight for storage
  • Maximum canvas height: 36"
  • Easel will adjust from flat to a forward tilt
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