Richeson Best Wallmount Easel

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Richeson's Best’s Wallmount is the ideal solution for the artist with limited studio space. Many professional artists must achieve a balance between space concerns and workability. The Wallmount achieves both goals, a heavy-duty easel that accommodates a large canvas with zero use of studio floor space. A sturdy oak easel that was designed to be mounted on the wall. The easel can be used in a vertical position or tilted forward. Perfect for the studio with limited floor space. This easel is suitable for: oil, acrylic, casein and pastel.

  • Maximum canvas height: 88"
  • Width/depth: 32" × 14" (without tilt)
  • Compact easel height: 59"
  • Extended easel height: 102"
  • Forward tilt (up to 80° angle) for glare reduction or for pastel artists
  • Smooth, easy height adjustability
  • Some assembly required
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