Schmincke Horadam Aquarell 5ml Trio

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A special collection of trios (3 x 5 ml tubes) of Schmincke's supergranulating watercolour paints. Options include: Galaxy, Glacier, Forest, Tundra, Shire, Desert, Haze, and Deep Sea.

Part of the professional Horadam range, the distinctive feature of these paints are pigments that have a natural tendency to granulate. These watercolours contain only the finest raw materials and are bound with Kordofan gum arabic from the southern Sahara.

Galaxy Trio includes: Galaxy Pink, Galaxy Violet and Galaxy Black
Glacier Trio includes: Glacier Turquoise, Glacier Green, Glacier Black
Haze Trio includes: Haze Pink, Haze Indigo, Haze Brown
Deep Sea Trio includes: Deep Sea Violet, Deep Sea Blue, Deep Sea Green
Shire Trio includes: Shire Olive, Shire Green, Shire Blue
Forest Trio includes: Forest Green, Forest Blue, Forest Grey
Desert Trio includes: Desert Yellow, Desert Brown, Desert Green
Tundra Trio includes: Tundra Orange, Tundra Violet, Tundra Green

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