Sekishu Banshi Tsuru (Large) HM HW 25g 21x29.25""

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A strong & absorbent Heritage paper, handmade with 100% Japanese kozo. Excellent for conservation, printmaking, dyeing; traditionally used for brush writing.
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  • UNESCO designated as "Intangible Cultural Heritage"
  • One of the oldest continuously made papers in Japan, made in Sekishu, now called Shimane; don’t confuse this paper with others called “Sekishu” that aren't 100% kozo.
  • "Tsuru": kozo not completely picked clean of dark fiber bits
  • cooked in soda ash, unbleached, machine beaten, board dried.
  • 3 deckle edges, unsized.

*Will be rolled for shipping. For shipping, please order a minimum of 5 sheets. It is easier to package to prevent damage. Single sheets may be purchased in store.

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