Stoneground WC Palette 14 Colour

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Fourteen (14) half pans of Stoneground's handmade watercolour paint in a compact metal tin (2 1/2” x 4”) ideal for travel and plein air painting. Palette options: Earth, Landscape, and Night Garden (colours in each set listed below).

Earth Palette
Inspired by coastal landscapes and atmospheric skies giving an aged, vintage look to sketches and studies, while creating a variety of interesting colour combinations.

Colours included: Lemon Ochre, Raw Sienna Warm Shade, Mars Orange, Mayan Red, India Red, Armenian Purple Ochre, Mayan Violet, Mayan Royal Blue, Mayan Indigo Blue, Nicosia Green Earth, Florentine Green (, Antica Green Earth, Raw Umber Dark Neutral.

Landscape Palette
A combination of colours perfect for creating a wide variety of landscapes from stormy prairie skies to tropical sunsets, mountain ranges and glacial lakes, boreal forests and countryside

Colours included: Hansa Yellow, Lemon Ochre, Mars Orange, Naphthol Red, India Red, Bordeaux, Ultramarine Rose, Mayan Royal Blue, Cobalt Aquamarine, Mayan Green, Hooker’s Green, Nicosia Green Earth, Raw Umber Green Shade, Grey Ochre.

Night Garden Palette
As the name suggests, this palette comes from the mood of a dark landscape but is one of the most versatile palettes, also useful in still-life and portrait work. 

Colours included: Titanium Buff, Gamboge, Pozzuoli Earth Red, Transparent Earth Red, Mayan Red, Scarlet, Quinacridone Magenta, Manganese Violet, Indanthrone Blue, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Aquamarine, Hooker’s Green, Roman Black, Vivianite.

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