Stonehenge Aqua - Cold Press - 22x30 140lbs - White

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This is a sheet of Aqua Stonehenge 140lb, 100% cotton, cold press watercolour paper. It has a neutral pH and is acid and chlorine free. Sized for watercolour it contains no animal gelatin. Available in Black!
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Aqua Stonehenge is as finely crafted as it is affordable. Performing way beyond its price point, it has been tested to its limits and as it turns out, it has no limits.

Wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry, it has a wonderful crispness that anchors beautiful work across every task and technique. With Stonehenge Aqua, blending is effortless, lifting is no longer a chore. It welcomes masking while never relinquishing the control you both demand and desire. Bright colours dry bright. Blocks or sheets, it’s flat paper that dries flat.

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