Pitt Artist Pen Soft Brush

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Pitt Artist India Ink Soft Brush Pen is odourless, acid-free, pH neutral and permanent once dry. This product has a very flexible fibre brush tip. It has the ability to produce fine lines as well as bold strokes with variations in pressure when drawing.
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Product details

  • Pigmented Waterbased India ink
  • High lightfastness
  • Flexible brush tip, retains its shape
  • Waterproof, permanent
  • Odourless, acid-free, pH neutral
  • Does not bleed through paper

After the ink has completely dried up it is water-resistant and can be painted over with other mediums like water or acrylic colours. The quality of the drawn line remains the same. The excellent opacity allows the artist to accentuate completely dried watercolour or acrylic paintings with the Pitt Pen.

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