Studio Rentals

Discover ARTiculations Art Studio - the perfect space for art classes, demos, and lectures. Unleash your creativity in our well-equipped studio, located within ARTiculations Art Supply. Join our supportive community of artists. Book now and elevate your artistic instruction to new heights!

​​Introducing ARTiculations Art Studio: The Perfect Space for Inspiring Art Classes!

Are you an artist instructor searching for a dedicated and inspiring studio space to host your art classes? Look no further than ARTiculations Art Studio! Located at the back of ARTiculations Art Supply, our 300-square-foot studio offers everything you need to unleash your creativity and provide an exceptional experience for your students.

Here's what makes our studio a standout choice for fellow artist instructors:

  1. Ideal Space and Amenities: Our studio is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of art classes. It features a considered layout, with two large 4x8-foot countertop height tables on castor wheels that can easily accommodate a class of 6-12 students, depending on the activity. You'll find a fully equipped kitchenette, a convenient sink, and a washroom, ensuring both comfort and convenience for you and your students.
  2. Close Proximity to ARTiculations Art Supply: As a renter, you'll benefit from the advantageous location within our art supply shop. This means easy access to a wide range of high-quality art materials and supplies, which you can incorporate into your classes. Aligning with our own art programming and utilizing the materials we sell, your classes will have a seamless connection to the artistic resources available at ARTiculations.
  3. Focus on Artistic Education: At ARTiculations Art Studio, we prioritize the promotion of artistic growth and education. Our studio is exclusively dedicated to art classes, lectures, and demos. This ensures a focused and immersive environment for your students to learn and explore their artistic talents. Please note that our space is not suitable for events such as parties or private events; it is reserved for genuine art instruction.
  4. Collaborative Partnership: As a studio rental partner, you'll be joining a community of like-minded artists and instructors. We value collaboration and encourage networking among our renters. By renting our studio, you become a part of a supportive artistic network that can provide opportunities for shared experiences, idea exchange, and potential collaborations.
  5. Convenient Rental Options: We offer flexible rental options to accommodate your scheduling needs. Whether you require weekday rentals during open hours or after-hours*, Sunday/Monday* daytime rentals, or limited Saturday availability, we have you covered. We also provide lower rates for ongoing weekly rentals through our seasonal contract, allowing you to plan your classes ahead. *Shop is closed, after hours staffing charge applied.

Make ARTiculations Art Studio your creative haven and bring your art classes to life. Our welcoming atmosphere, exceptional amenities, and commitment to artistic education make us the ultimate choice for artist instructors like you. Secure your spot today and elevate your art instruction to new heights!

For more information and to book your rental, please contact us at [email protected]. Let's create an artistic journey together in the ARTiculations Art Studio!