Beam Paints Mixing 6

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A simple, yet mighty watercolour mixing palette from BEAM Paints. This palette contains 6 colours and all you need to create a full colour spectrum. And it comes in plastic free packaging!

From Anong Beam:

"When I was in art school I went with a much loved but ragtag set of hand me down paints, and I used those in a lot of my painting classes and not well! Raised by artists, and always in art class, I was quietly accepting that I was just not good at mixing colours, and I would layer some but mostly use them from the tube or jar. Later as an artist I would look at colleagues who mixed beautiful hues with appreciation resigned to my standard palette. Then as a paint maker I realized I just never had the right palette!!! This is the set, with these colours clean bright mixes happen effortlessly! Happy painting!"

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