2024 Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge

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Our annual FILL’ER UP Sketchbook Challenge takes place March 1-31, 2024. We're back again for our 13th year to challenge you to fill up an old sketchbook or start a new one! We've included ways to participate; Details below.
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13th Annual ARTiculations FILL’ER UP Sketchbook Challenge
MARCH 1ST TO 31ST, 2024

Coming together in Art making solidarity to get you through the winter slump by challenging YOU to fill up an old sketchbook or start a new one!

Join us for our 13th year of the ARTiculations Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge! 

What's the Challenge?

During March, immerse yourself in daily creativity by filling up an old sketchbook or starting a new one. Whether you sketch, paint, write, or explore any creative outlet, the challenge is to engage in one creative activity every day. It's open to everyone regardless of age, ability, or interpretation.

Why Join?

By signing up, you become part of a supportive community of Sketchbook Challengers aiming to beat the winter blues through art. This challenge offers independent exploration with built-in accountability and motivation.

What to Expect?

Receive weekly newsletters with prompts, creative insights, art materials suggestions, and spotlights on fellow challengers. Engage in virtual sketchbook meetups for additional motivation and connection with other participants.

Stay Connected!

Upon registration, gain access to our private online community group where you can share progress, connect with others, and offer encouragement.

Join the Exhibition!

Every participant, regardless of pages filled, is included in the FILL’ER UP Group Exhibition from April 9th to June 2nd, 2024. All books will be featured on our Insta Live Art Lunch Breaks that take place weekly throughout the show. No matter how many pages you fill, be part of it! 

Plus, when you submit your sketchbook for the exhibition, receive a handmade mini sketchbook created by Jennifer Daniels as a gift!

Take a look at our sign up packages (Details Below)

Tier 1 - ($5.00) COUNT ME IN:

Weekly newsletters, online meetups, community group access, and exhibition registration. 

Tier 2 (A, B & C) ($11.00 - $65.00) COUNT ME IN AND I NEED A SKETCHBOOK:

Includes Tier 1 plus a choice of sketchbooks.


Includes Tier 1 plus a surprise pack of hand picked art supplies. The materials included will be highlighted throughout the challenge so will feel familiar and exciting to explore! *If you have chosen this tier before, you will recognize our beloved onion skin sketchbooks and a whole new selection of materials to try! PACKAGES AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP LATE FEBRUARY


Includes Tiers 1 and 3 plus a live mixed-media workshop Watercolour Backgrounds and Paper Collage with Art Journaling By Anna on Friday March 15th, 7:00-8:30pm. We will use items from your Tier 3 Surprise Pack so be sure to pick this up! *This class will be recorded and made available to registrants after the workshop.


Includes Tiers 1, 3, and 4 plus enrollment in our pre-recorded class No Page Left Behind; A Sketchbook Making Exercise with ARTiculations owner and Creative Navigator, Heather Phillips. Dive in with Heather as she shares this creative process exercise that will help bring together your scattered pages, doodles, notes and ideas into a bound compilation ready for further exploration. Includes 3 pre-recorded lessons, available April 1st, 2024. *This is the last year for this program before we switch it out for something new!

Art for All (Fee Waived):

Tier 1 benefits at no cost. Don’t let financial barriers stop you from a daily sketchbook practice - Join us :). Sketchbook assistance available upon request.

How to Participate:
  1. Choose your registration tier and sign up.
  1. Start filling your sketchbook from March 1st onwards. Join our online group for support and motivation.
  1. Submit your sketchbook for the exhibition between April 2nd and 7th. 
  1. Feel the joy of daily creativity and share your journey with us!
Connect and Share:

Tag us on social media @ARTiculations_TO and use #FillerUpSketchbookChallenge to share your creations and experiences!

Let's make March a month of creative exploration and community connection!


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