Sketching Buildings for Non-Architects (4wks) March 20 - April 10, 2024

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Unlock your sketching potential! This workshop is tailored for non-architect sketchers facing angle challenges. Learn to conquer vanishing points and perspective with the Non-Architect Clock viewfinder. Easily capture building angles using clock numbers.

Sketching Buildings for Non-Architects with Isabel Santos

Wednesdays, March 20 - April 10, 2024 | 6:30 - 9:30pm

This workshop is specifically designed for sketchers who do not have an architectural background and face difficulties in finding angles while drawing a building. If you are struggling to understand the concepts of the vanishing point and perspective drawing, you can easily find the angle of a building by using a viewfinder called the Non-Architect Clock, which will be provided to each participant. The Clock will help you determine the angles of a building by using the numbers on the clock, such as the angle of the roof, the base of the structure, or the curb of the sidewalk or the street.

*This class requires 4 participants to run.

Materials are not included, but ARTiculations students are offered a one time 20% off coupon that can be used towards your materials list! See Materials List Below

Materials that students will bring

  • Sketchbook, preferably A4 or 9”x12” or bigger
  • Fine liners or fountain pen with permanent ink
  • Watercolours, any existing palette will do (blues, reds, yellows)
  • Waterbrush (flat or round medium) or watercolour brush (round 8, 1-inch flat or ½ inch dagger brush) 
  • (Optional) 1 pc watersoluble pencil like yellow ochre, raw sienna or watersoluble graphite
  • Water for painting
  • Paper towels

About Isabel


Isabel Santos is the artist behind Modellatura Arts. She is a self-taught artist who developed her unique style by watching YouTube channels and reading books from the library or second-hand bookshops when she started sketching in 2014.

Isabel discovered the Urban Sketchers Toronto group through the Meet-up App and became curious about what it means to be an urban sketcher. Since the meet-up location was right across her apartment building, she signed up in hopes of meeting new friends. She has been an urban sketcher since 2016.

As a business graduate, Isabel uses the left side of her brain for work and the right side of her brain to create art using pen and ink with watercolours. City scenes, landscapes, and nature inspire her to draw, but her passion lies in urban sketching. For some artists, drawing architecture can be challenging, but Isabel enjoys sketching historic buildings and complex urban scenes even though she is not an architect.

She is an Etchr Studio Instructor and has conducted demos for Derwent both online and in person since 2021. She taught workshops for USk Jacksonville, USk Chicago and USk Toronto.

Aside from her involvement with the Toronto sketching chapter in Canada, she is part of the Urban Sketchers Org  Membership Committee as the Regional Leader for North America. She mentors groups in the United States and Canada who wish to become Official Urban Sketchers chapters.

Instagram: modellatura_art

Facebook: Isabel Santos 


All ARTiculations workshops require advance registration, unless otherwise noted. In the event of insufficient enrolment, registrants will be notified prior to the workshop start date and a full refund will be given. No refunds/credits will be provided for withdrawal fewer than one week prior to the start of class. ARTiculations does not provide make-up classes or substitutions. This policy is subject to change without notice.

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