Tiny Desk Gift Guide Series

Welcome to our very unscripted Tiny Desk Gift Guide Series! Where Marie and Heather will be having a short chat with ideas and tips to help you choose gifts the artists and creatives on your list will love! We'll be adding new videos here between November 15 - December 10 filled with tips and ideas for artist gifts and a healthy amount of meandering conversation. Make a cup of tea and sit back!

GIFT GUIDE #12 Stocking Stuffers

GIFT GUIDE #11 Brush Wraps & Aprons

GIFT GUIDE #10 Palettes & Palette Knives

GIFT GUIDE #9 Printmaking Tools

GIFT GUIDE #8 Watercolour Brushes

GIFT GUIDE #7 Canvas & Panels

GIFT GUIDE #6 Easels


0:30 Things to consider

2:03 Table Top Easels: Richeson Lyptus Racine Table Easel & Mabef M14 Tabletop Easel

2:36 A Frame Easels: Richeson Adjustable B Best Easel & Mabef M13 Studio Easel

3:33 H Frame Easels: Richeson Deluxe Lobo & Mabef M10

4:26 Guerrilla Painter No. 17 Flex Easel& Clamping Table Top Easel

5:50 Is it time to consider a custom order?

7:17 Gift your artist studio space! Akin Studios

GIFT GUIDE #5 Oil and Acrylic Brushes


0:39 Key Points & Brush Shapes

5:49 Rosemary Brushes - Ivory & Rosemary Brushes - Evergreen & Princeton Artist Brushes - Aspen

6:38 Rosemary Brushes - Ebony Filbert

8:23 How To Clean Your Brushes

9:43 Neighbourhood Arts Network - The Learning Room

10:53 Mottlers!

11:22 DaVinci Impasto Mottler

11:59 Princeton Aspen Angled Mottler & Princeton Flat Mottler

GIFT GUIDE #4 : Kids and Kids at Heart!


1:00 Key Questions

1:55 Stockmar Crayons

3:11 Chiyogami Sheets *Available in Store and you can pick your own
Check out the Mini Surprise Packs

3:38 Mini Yamato Starch Paste

4:13 Craypas Junior Artist Pastels

5:20 SM-LT Start Pads; Natural Kraft, Marker Pads, Black Pads, and Drawing Pad

6:08 Demco Modelling Clay

7:10 Brushes

7:44 Art Pro Paint Brush Set

8:05 DaVinci Synthetic Fit Set

8:28 Emergency Pocket Pack Chiyogami

9:09 Beam Children's Palette & Modular Palette

10:48 Demco Tempra Gouache Fluorescent & Primary

11:55 Faber Castell Graphite 6 Pencil Set

12:42 We make custom sets!

13:00 Tombow Dual Brush Marker Sets - Primary & Perfect Blend

14:41 Angora Watercolour Palette

15:47 Chiyogami Flip Notebook

GIFT GUIDE #3 : Studio on the go!


1:03 U.Go Pochade Boxes

2:18 Guerrilla Painter

3:08 Sienna Paint Box

4:11 Art Alternative Marquis Desk Easel

5:07 Etchr Lab Carry Range

5:30 Etchr Lab Field Case

6:30 Etchr Lab Slate Case

7:50 Melanie Hazel Brush Rolls: Long Handle & Short Handle

8:30 Melanie Hazel Cases

9:05 Etchr Lab Brush Wraps

9:25 Travel Watercolour Palettes

9:40 Schmincke Watercolour Tube Travel Case

10:27 Sakura Koi Watercolour Travel Palette

11:14 Lukas Travel Watercolour Palette


12:11 HJ Taklon Brushes

12:30 DaVinci Casaneo Travel Brushes

12:54 Beam Travel Brush

13:14 Rosemary Travel Brushes

13:30 DaVinci Mini Kolinsky Sable

13:49 Mini Japanese Palette Knife

14:08 Brush Washer

14:23 Palette Cups

14:40 OTHER GIFT IDEAS: Contribute to an Artist Residency & Or Retreat!

15:00 Sparkbox Studio

15:01 Artscape Gibraltar

15:08 Doris McCarthy

15:34 Akimbo

15:44 Self-Directed Artist Retreat? AirBnB residency?

Oh! I forgot one: Encaustic Residency with R&F

GIFT GUIDE #2 : Watercolour Paper


1:00 questions you want to consider - cold press or hot press

2:15 Fabriano Studio Watercolour Pad

2:30 Fluid 100 Hot Press Watercolour Blocks 100% Cotton& Fluid Hot Press Watercolour Blocks Blend

2:50 Rembrandt Watercolour Block& Arches Block

3:05 What is the benefit of using a block?

3:37 Loose Sheet Bundles St Armand

3:55 Etchr Lab Watercolour Postcards

4:02 SM-LT Haiku Watercolour Postcards& Large

4:02 Consider a large sheet of watercolour paper

5:59 Holbein MT Soft Masking Tape

6:47 Toned Watercolour Paper - SM-LT Brown Watercolour Sketchbook

6:52 Black Watercolour Large Sheets; Stonehenge*I mentioned Black Somerset - but this was a booboo. Great printmaking paper! Not the best for watercolour

7:03 Etchr Lab Metallic & Pearlescent Watercolours

7:20 St Armand Colour Bundles

7:50 SM-LT 100% Watercolour Cotton Rounds

8:34 St Armand Panorama Bundle

9:15 JPP + Beam Perfect Pack Deluxe

11:35 Watercolour Gift Card Sets

12:29 Blog Post: Watercolour for Beginners - An easy step by step

12:40 Upcoming Classes - Coming soon! Registration opens in December.

GIFT GUIDE #1 : Sketchbooks


Key Points 1:00 The four key questions to ask when choosing a sketchbook

1:34 Hand-book Journal Co. Watercolour Journal & Etchr Lab Sketchbook

1:47 SM-LT Drawing #Authentic Sketchbook & Heinz Jordan Permanent Sketchbooks (Made in Canada!)

2:21 Royal Talens Art Creations Sketchbooks

2:29 Art Alternatives Very Big Sketchbook (600 Pages!)

3:00 Strathmore Travel Series 3"x9" Wirebound Sketchbook

3:16 Senellier Accordion & Etchr Lab Accordion Sketchbook

3:49 Mercurius Sketchbooks

4:00 Holbein Multi-Drawing Book

4:10 Etchr Lab Perfect Sketchbook

4:20 Ecojot Sketchbooks

5:00 Marie's favourite

5:35 Heather's favourite(s)

6:38 Other gift ideas that pair nicely with a sketchbook

6:48 2023 12th Annual ARTiculations Fill'er Up Sketchbook Challenge Registration *coming soon

8:36 Purchase a one-hour critique with a Professional Artist Mentor - like the wonderful Lyla Rye! https://www.mentorlylarye.com/

10:00 Oops we forgot one sketchbook paper idea

10:10 SM-LT Authentic Baby Black Watercolour Paper